Jathaniel Cavitt | Principal & Founder

Jathaniel (prounounced like Nathaniel but with a J) is currently serving as the Lead Pastor of Covenant United Methodist Church in Cordova, TN.  He tends to look at things a little differently--probably not as you would think as a pastor, but that comes in handy in his current calling.  His calling and passion are aligned with helping others in missional leadership often lending itself to revitalization in churches that are declining or plateauing. 

He holds a Masters of Divinty from Memphis Theological Seminary and earned his Doctor of Ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary.  The focus of his doctorate was Wesley, Mission, and Evangelism, culminating in a doctoral project using missional discipleship as a means of renewing the local church. 

Prior to ministry Jathaniel served as a police officer and a Special Agent in the United States Secret Service.  What led him into ministry?  Here's his response, "Based upon my experiences, I sensed the Lord calling me to join in the work of the church so that I may be helpful in empowering congregations to discover their missional identity and live into their full God-given potential."

He is also Certified Church Consultant through Church Answers with experience in helping congregations generally, and specializes areas of  missional staffing, missional church governance, church facilities managment, and church revitalization.