Missio Partners!

You may be one of those hard working church leaders, doing as much as you can to help your church find its missional footing in this strange new world.  If we aren't intentional, we can find ourselves spending most of our God-given resources simply trying to "keep the church afloat" or simply repeating the successful formulas of the past, with little to no fruit to harvest.  

Where do you go from here?  What is your next step?

Missio Partners is here to provide resources, insights, support, and experience and guide you as you take your next step as a leader or a congregation participating in God's mission.  We can help you form missional disciples and develop kingdom leaders who deploy as everyday missionaries in real life. 

Serving in the trenches has provided a great deal of empathy and perspective that is necessary in working with churches of all stripes.  God has gifted you and positioned you for such a time as this.  Let Missio Partners be your support and encouragement in this work. 

How We Can Help:

FREE 30 Minute Coaching Consult or Missional Consulting & Org Development Pre-Consult!

As a "Thank You!" for taking the time to learn about Missio Partners and look through the services offered, Missio Partners would love to treat you to a FREE 30 MINUTE consult of your choice.  Please use the contact form to make your request.  It's on us!

Personal Coaching For Missional Leaders

Leadership development for missional leaders is perhaps the most important needs that has gone unmet in the area of church leadership.  Seminaries do not teach it.  The business world insights do not always translate.  Personal Coaching is one of the most effective means of equipping missional leaders. No classes.  No recorded videos.  Personal coaching to meet your goals. Whether personal or team oriented coaching  is best for your setting, we are here to help and offer flexibility that you simply cannot find with other courses or cohorts.  You set the destination, and we get about the journey together.  

Missional Identity & Org Development

In this world we live in, things have changed dramatically.  Churches and mission organizations are rarely on the cutting edge.  As a matter of uncomfortable truth, many are stuck in the past-decades ago.  That doesn't mean that your church is doomed.  We believe it simply means that your church or organization has tons of untapped potential for missional fruitfulness.  Our missional constultation provides insights for you to consider in taking your next steps in fruitful mission.  From simple organizational development work like establishing your identity, purpose, and vision to real time input from your work and activities, Missio Partners' missional consultations are flexible in scope--meaning we can cover every facet broadly or specialize in small, atomic areas.

Cohorts and Other Training Services

Starting in June 2023, we will launch our Mentoring Missional Leaders cohort.  This is a ten month cohort designed for church leaders to provide real life experience in learning the power a simple, intentional mentoring relationship can have in the development of emerging missional leaders.  All participants in this cohort will be given full access to program resources to incorporate as appropriate for there context.  The cohort also double as an incubator for developing a missional leadership development team that can hit the ground running at the conclusion of the cohort.  Space is limited to three church teams of four people (pastor and 3 additional leaders). Registration is open now.  Register here!